3M displays the fingerprints under the LCD screen and the fingerprints on the back side completely say goodbye

by:Kimeery     2021-06-07

Previously, under-screen fingerprints have always been exclusive to LCD for Samsung screens, but in the future, smartphones equipped with LCD screens are also expected to adopt under-screen fingerprint technology. Recently, 3M announced that it has developed a new technology that enables smartphones with LCD screens to also have under-screen fingerprint sensors.

3M Near Infrared Transmission System (NITS)

It is reported that this system is named '3M Near Infrared Transmission System (NITS)'. It uses an advanced 3M optical display film, and the optical sensor that reads fingerprints can be placed under the LCD screen. Compared with traditional film, 3M optical display film can block 97% of visible light, but it is transparent in infrared. In other words, the infrared optical sensor can read fingerprint information through the film without affecting the display of the screen content.

Fingerprint unlocking under LCD screen

According to the official information, this set of fingerprint unlocking scheme under LCD screen is very fast. Put your finger on the screen to complete the unlocking. It is reported that this set of fingerprint identification system can be used for smart phones, tablet computers, notebook computers and other LCD devices, perhaps in the future under-screen fingerprint unlocking will soon become the standard configuration of smart devices.

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