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55-inch LCD panel will fall below $100 this year, domestic market share exceeds 50%

by:Kimeery     2021-06-10

In the past two years, the cheapest major appliances will be large-screen LCD TVs. The 70-inch Redmi TV released by Redmi not long ago is as low as 3399 yuan, and the 4K 65-inch TV directly hit 1999 yuan on Pinduoduo. .

Behind this, I also want to thank Chinese companies for their breakthroughs in the LCD field. This year, domestic manufacturers’ LCD share will exceed 50%, but the price is fierce competition. The price of 55-inch LCD panels will soon fall below 100. US dollars.

According to data released by iHS Market, due to fierce price competition in the LCD industry, LCD panel prices have been declining for three consecutive months, with a decline of up to 30% this year.

Among them, the price of a 55-inch LCD panel in September is only $102, and it will soon fall below the triple digits.

The prices of other large-size LCD panels are also falling rapidly. 50-inch LCD panels have fallen to 84 US dollars long, and the average price of 65-inch LCD panels has fallen to 167 US dollars, down 5% and 4% respectively from the previous month.

The reason for the sharp drop in LCD panel prices this year is that China’s domestic LCD manufacturers have increased their production capacity, which has led to a rapid increase in the share of domestic LCD panels. The share of domestic LCD panels was 45% in Q2. Half of the global production capacity, we must know that the LCD market share of domestic manufacturers in 2017 was only 30%, and most of them were monopolized by South Korea's Samsung and LG.

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