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8.5 generation lcd panel production line

by:Kimeery     2020-04-23
Beijing Yizhuang top 8 construction.
5 generation TFT
The LCD production line was unveiled to the outside world for the first time yesterday.
The reporter learned at the scene that the construction of the project has been completed (
30,000 glass substrate/monthly capacity)
The production equipment has been installed and the second equipment has started to move.
According to the plan, Beijing East 8.
The 5-generation line will be officially put into production in the 28 th and 3 th quarters of this year to achieve mass production. It is expected to achieve the 90,000 glass substrate/month production target by the end of 2012.
The Bank of England spokesman Tommy told reporters on the 8 th. 5-
After the completion of the first generation line, the LCD panel on the international market, BOE A from the current 2-
Between 3% and 8%, there are 6 of the world\'s largest LCD panel manufacturers.
He also revealed that the Beijing municipal government is working to build the top 8 of the Bank of England. 5-
As the core of Beijing digital TV industry park, the first generation line is currently based on the left seat of Yizhuang, which is a higher use for the next generation of Beijing Oriental building.
Total investment in Beijing East 8.
5 generation line of 28.
3 billion yuan, products to 26-
LCD TV display module 55 inch-based, post-
Natal expects to produce more than 14 million LCD panels per year.
Taiwan\'s TPV has reportedly been confirmed on the 8 th.
There are 10 million units/year LCD production lines next to the 5 lines of Beijing Oriental building, and the project has entered the construction period.
Chen Yanshun, governor of the Bank of England, said it would provide a more stable situation. 5-
On-line sales channels. BOE 8.
The 5-generation line will ensure the 0. 3 billion/year supply capacity of the TPV project, while boe development will have 0. 3 billion units per year of machine production capacity, and the remaining 0. 7 billion units per year will be used for supply by other manufacturers.
At present, BOE has eight brands including Haier, Hisense, Skyworth, Kangjia and Changhong.
5 generation line products, signed a letter of intent for development.
In addition, the next generation has focused mainly on tablets since last year.
Panel Display technologyAM-
In the OLED industry, the Bank of England is also increasing investment in R & D and manufacturing, and is actively deploying.
It is reported that relying on representative Chengdu, 4. 5 TFT-
Production line of AM-LCD
Oled boe has begun to transform production lines and actively promote AM-OLED-
The line of the building, AM-OLED 5.
The technical plan has been completed for the 5 generation production line.
At present, the Bank of England must come up with a 2. 8-inch AM-OLED, and 4-inch AM-
In the next 3 to 5 years, OLED will continue to launch with AM-
OLED display panel.
According to analysts, AM-
Samsung OLED products now only one can mass production, if the speed of development, China\'s AM-
The OLED industry is entirely possible.
Tommy said that in the second quarter of this year, the international price of LCD panels averaged 2-3 U. S.
Despite the slight increase in prices, improving the performance of LCD panel manufacturers still plays an active role.
Click here to estimate that Samsung and other manufacturers can turn losses into profits in the third quarter after losing money.
Chen Yanshun said a point of view to Beijing East, although Line 6 and line 8. 5-
After the power line was put into production, the depreciation cost of BoE A company increased from 30 billion to 50 billion this year, but the company still maintained A reasonable current debt level of about 44%, as long as the cash flow is good, with the improvement of the industry environment, the performance and financial situation of BoE can be gradually improved.
Although banks tightened monetary policy, the Bank of England\'s smooth financing of its debt rate has remained at the benchmark interest rate level since the second quarter of this year, and the company\'s cash flow into the state has been positive.
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