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A formula describing the rotation of liquid crystal molecules

by:Kimeery     2021-09-01
Here is a formula that describes the rotation you are expecting. Let's look at the details: First, we must rely on the difference between the two dielectric constants. If the dielectric constants of the two shafts are the same, the rotation effect will not be obtained, because the force trying to pull it from both directions is the same, and in the end you can only get the result that it can't be pulled. After knowing this conclusion, it can be concluded that the greater the difference in dielectric constant between the two directions, the greater the difference in polarization vectors in the two directions, and the more rotations can be obtained under the same electric field. In this way, we can drive the liquid crystal with a low voltage by expanding the two dielectric constants. Insert a sentence: has temperature dependence: when the temperature rises, the liquid crystal molecules will swing more. By the way, when the temperature rises too much, the liquid crystal will rotate and become liquid. This temperature is called the clearing point. When the temperature is lower than the clearing point and higher than the crystallization temperature, the liquid crystal is in an intermediate state. When the temperature rises, it has more swings, resulting in a decrease in the effective dielectric constant ε. Therefore, the liquid crystal has a certain temperature dependence. At the same time, we can see from this equation that it depends on the square of the electric field strength. This is an important conclusion. It means that the polarization of the liquid crystal does not depend on the polarity of the electric field. Because the rotation depends on the square of the electric field, the same result will be obtained regardless of whether the electric field is distributed from top to bottom or from bottom to top. It shows that we can average these rotations. I won’t go into details here, but in general we can think that the liquid crystal depends on the root mean square value. Its rotation can be derived from the root mean square value of the applied electric field strength. Therefore, because the liquid crystal induces an electric field, the arrangement and rotation of the liquid crystal molecules depend on the square or root mean square value of the applied voltage. This is an important characteristic because we can obtain the same transfer characteristics by applying positive and negative voltages to the mobile LCDscreen.
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