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a-z guide to interfacing tft lcd displays w/ arduino

by:Kimeery     2020-04-17
In this article, you will learn how to use TFT LCD via Arduino board.
There are explanations from basic commands to professional design and craftsmanship.
At the end of this article, you can: ElectroPeak 3, a hardware component.
X1 electric peak of 5 inch TFT color screen module 2.
4 inch tft LCD screen protector cover X1 Arduino UNO and Genuino X1Arduino UNO Mega 2560 X1Arduino it is very important to create an interface between the user and the system thanks to the X1Software application and the online servicesArduino IDEIn electronics project.
This interface can be created by displaying useful data, menus and easy access.
Beautiful design is also important.
There are several components to achieve this. LEDs, 7-
Segment, character and graphic display and complete-color TFT LCDs.
The correct component of the project depends on the amount of data to be displayed, the type of user interaction, and the processor capacity.
Tft LCD is a variant of a liquid
Crystal Display (LCD)that uses thin-film-transistor (TFT)
Techniques for improving image quality such as addressable and contrast.
Tft LCD is an active matrix LCD that is different from a passive matrix LCD or a simple direct matrix LCD
There are several segments of the drive LCD. In Arduino-
Low processor frequency based on project.
Therefore, it is not possible to display complex, high-definition images and high-definition imagesspeed motions.
Therefore, all
The color tft LCD display can only be used to display simple data and commands.
In this article, we use libraries and advanced technologies to display data, charts, menus, etc.
Professional design.
This can take your project presentation to a higher level.
The size displayed affects the project parameters.
The larger display is not always better.
If you want to show high
Image and logo in resolution, you should choose a large size display with higher resolution.
But it reduces your processing speed and requires more space and more current to run.
So, first of all, you should check the details of the resolution, motion speed, color and size of the project images, text and numbers.
We recommend the popular size of the Arduino display, such as 3.
5 inch 480x320,2.
8 inch 400 x, 2.
4 inch 320x240 and 1. 8 inch 220×176.
After selecting the correct monitor, it is time to select the correct controller.
Display speed does not matter if you want to display characters, tests, numbers and static images, the Atmega328 Arduino board (
Arduino UNO)
Is the right choice.
UNO boards may not be enough if your code size is large.
You can use Arduino Lumia 2560.
If you want to display high resolution images and motion at high speed, you should use ARM core Arduino boards such as Arduino DUE.
In electronic/computer hardware, the display driver is usually a semiconductor integrated circuit (
But it can also be a state machine consisting of discrete logic and other components)
It provides the interface of tft.
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