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acer v223-wbd 22\" tft lcd monitor vs samsung touch of color t220hd 22-inch lcd hdtv monitor

by:Kimeery     2020-04-22
A good monitor is essential, especially for those who work in front of the computer for a long time every day.
A large display makes it easier for us to multi-task and improves the multimedia experience on our computers.
If you\'re going to buy a bigger desktop monitor for your PC, consider buying a 22-inch LCD monitor.
Here\'s a comparison of my two favorite models, Acer V223-
WBD 22 \"widescreen tft LCD display with color T220HD 22 and Samsung touch
LCD hd TV display.
Price: at present, Acer sells for about $170 each and Samsung sells for about $270 each.
This is a huge difference of $100.
The huge price difference can be demonstrated by the number of features per model.
Nevertheless, a conscious budget will find that this is a No.
It is wiser to choose between the two.
Champion: Acer V223-
WBD 22 \"wide screen tft LCD display specification: Dynamic contrast of Acer model is 2500: 1 and brightness level is 300c/m2.
On the other hand, the brightness level of the Samsung model is the same, but the dynamic contrast is as high as 20\'000: 1.
Both models have a resolution of 1680x1050 and a resolution of 170/160-
Angle of view.
Samsung is also equipped with a TV tuner and a hidden surround speaker (
Can\'t find on Acer model).
Champion: color T220HD 22 Samsung touch
Inch LCD hd TV Display Design: Acer Display is simple in design, Corner, bracket is rectangular.
On the other hand, the design of the Samsung Display is more fashionable.
This is a black smooth frame with a red hint.
It also has a smooth and curved stand.
The bold design of the Samsung Display may not be suitable for everyone\'s taste or may not fit well into certain interior designs.
On the other hand, the simple design of the Acer Display is more flexible.
Winner: DrawVerdict: both models are designed for specific market segments.
If you have excess cash, you should get the Samsung touch of the color T220HD 22
LCD TV Display
If you like this design)
Because it has more features than the Acer Display.
For those who watch movies, videos, or use animations on their computers a lot, this is also a great option, as the Samsung model is a better monitor to watch videos.
Acer v2 23-if you have a budget or rarely use a computer to watch videos-
It turns out that WBD 22 widescreen tft LCD will be a good choice.
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