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advanced lcd technology: tft displays

by:Kimeery     2020-04-26
LCD tft display is currently the most popular active matrix LCD display on the market.
LCD tft display, or LCD display using thin film transistor technology, can display clear and vibrant visual effects for multimedia applications of TV, computing, and projection display, mobile apps such as handheld video games, mobile phones and digital assistants.
Passive matrix LCD technologies, such as those used in calculators and digital watches, apply voltage to pixels and change the direction of the liquid crystal to display a portion of the image.
This pixel unit is like a capacitor, slowly exhausting its voltage and naturally returning the crystal to its original position.
This works well for data-oriented displays that do not require a quick refresh rate.
The LCD tft display uses transistors in each unit to actively change the position of the LCD from off to on and back.
This prevents ghosting and blurring of moving objects displayed on the screen.
The use of the LCD tft display and its active matrix design allows LCD technology to be used in multimedia applications where elements such as video games and live-action movies change rapidly.
The transistor layer of the LCD TFT display consists of a semiconductor film on the top of the glass substrate.
In a color LCD TFT display, each pixel is made up of units of blue, red and green to produce visible light for the entire range.
Each battery has its own transistor and liquid crystal material.
Liquid crystals can change positions quickly as liquids, but also have the ability to stay in the position of the arranged crystals.
Essentially, each unit is a window and the transistor is the hand that opens the LCD blinds to release or keep light.
When millions of these cells work together, they produce a working image.
The light source depends on the type of LCD TFT display.
In a reflective TFT display, ambient light from the environment enters the display and is reflected back by the mirror surface behind the pixel matrix.
To be effective, good lighting conditions are required for this type of display.
In low lighting conditions, back light sources, side light sources, and front light sources have been used to actively produce light for the display, but these light will disappear in bright light and it is difficult to see.
LCD TFT displays are usually backlit using CCFL or cold cathode fluorescent lamps.
These lights are very similar to the overhead fluorescent lighting used in the office.
They are both cheap and replaceable.
The current trend is LED backlight.
LED technology has not matured until recently enough to show enough white light to work effectively in this application.
The LED backlight has the advantages of durability and energy saving.
The basic technology of LCD TFT display has existed for many years.
In addition to the new backlight technology, LCD TFT has maintained market importance and is the leading choice for display equipment at present.
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