Advantages and disadvantages of LCD liquid crystal display and LED color digital tube

by:Kimeery     2021-08-29
For customers, many times they do not know how to choose between LCD and digital tubes, so we must understand the advantages and disadvantages of LCD and LED color digital tubes in order to provide customers with better and better solutions. First of all, in terms of appearance. LCD LCD screencan be made very thin, the thinnest can be 1.5 mm (total thickness, including polarizer), and the thickness of the digital tube is limited, because astigmatism must be considered The problem is usually not less than 6 mm, otherwise the lamp will have eye and unevenness. Second, compare the product effects. The color of LCD liquid crystal display is relatively single, the brightness is low, especially when used outdoors, there are certain requirements for distance, while LED color digital tube can realize a variety of colors, and the color is relatively bright, and the brightness is high. It can be seen very clearly. Third, consider the customer's power consumption requirements, because LED color digital tubes mainly rely on LED wicks to emit light, and each wick will produce a certain amount of power consumption, so the power consumption is relatively large, and it is suitable for working directly connected to the power supply. Yes, it is not suitable for battery-powered ones. On the contrary, the LCD liquid crystal display is a passive device, which does not emit light and does not generate power consumption. The largest power consumption is the backlight source, and the backlight source is also the LED lamp. The overall power consumption is much lower than that of the LED color digital tube. The display screen can also work without a backlight, so that no power consumption is generated at all, so there will not be too many restrictions on the power supply mode of the client. Fourth, compared with the initial Ru0026D cost of the product, the model cost of LCD screens is about 1,000, while the molds of digital tubes are between 6,000 and 10,000, or even more. fifth. The production cycle of LCD screens is generally about 1 month, while the production cycle of digital tubes is 20 days, depending on the number of orders from the factory, but in general, the production cycle of LCD screens is longer than that of digital tubes.
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