Analysis of abnormal production of dot matrix display module

by:Kimeery     2021-08-24
Compared with the pen segment display module, the dot matrix display module is much more complicated in the production process. Therefore, various abnormalities cannot be avoided during the production process. So what kind of anomaly will appear? How do we deal with an exception? The following is a brief description of how to deal with the common problems of the dot matrix display module. In the production process of dot matrix display modules, such as COB liquid crystal modules with iron frames, adhesive strips, LCD and PCB structures, many problems will occur when they are assembled into finished products. When the company employees assembled the finished product, they found that the alignment was not good, and the space between the glass and the inner wall of the frame was too large. If the position is not right, the golden finger of the glass and the golden finger on the PCB are not completely aligned. In this way, the display on the LCD screen will be confused. And sometimes you seem to have the right position, but when you look carefully at the LCD display, you will find that some graphics display light, some graphics display dark. Therefore, it is very important for the position to be aligned, and special attention should be paid to the large space of this kind of glass in the iron frame. Because this iron frame was looking for a male model during the design and development, and it was just a good one. When the dot matrix display module was assembled, it was found that there was a lack of pictures, and the reason for this situation was to find out. What is the reason for the lack of picture on the display? First of all, analyze from the following points: 1. Is the bonding wire missing, or the bonding wire is not in place? 2. The copper wire on the supplier's incoming PCB is broken, and the supplier has not tested it 3. The problem of the LCD screen itself, the gold finger ITO on the glass step is broken, or the ITO is corroded. 4. The problem of the conductive strip, the conductive layer on the conductor is destroyed, or there is dust and sundries in the conduction. Therefore, if we find a problem, we must prescribe the right medicine to find the correct cause. Otherwise, look in the east and look in the west, failing to find the right direction to solve the problem. This is very detrimental to our production. It wastes time and fails to solve the problem. In the production process, there is another problem that often occurs in the dot matrix display module: the line and the line are short-circuited, and the current is large. When this phenomenon occurs, we must first find where the short-circuit point is and find the correct location. Then analyze the reasons. There are several main reasons: 1. The wires on the PCB board are short-circuited. 2. The state wires are short-circuited. 3. The glass ITO is short-circuited. As long as the reason is found, the problem will be solved. In summary, if the dot matrix display module is abnormal in production, it is necessary to analyze the specific problem in detail, first find the right cause, and find a solution to the problem.
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