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Analysis of the Causes of Fuzzy LCD Module

by:Kimeery     2021-09-01
All LCDs are displayed by the driver, and there are basically two situations where the screen will appear: 1. The screen appears during debugging by the customer; 2. The screen appears during use by the end customer: 1. The engineer writes the LCM driver. Flickering appears in the screen: First check the hardware to see if the interface between the client's mainboard and LCD module is loose, whether the contact is good, whether the data line is connected incorrectly, short-circuited, or open, whether the LCD module and mainboard connection line is too long to cause signal attenuation. The hardware connection must be correct. Secondly, the software: 1. Whether the initialization code of the LCD module driver is correct. 2. The timing of the reset signal after power-on is long enough. Generally, it is high first and then low. The low signal delay is 1/3 of the high limit number. 3. Check the timing of the read and write program. Most of the current MCUs are very fast, causing the clock signal to be too narrow, or just at the critical point. If it is slightly disturbed by the outside world, it will cause the clock signal to be disordered, and the LCD module cannot identify accurate data and cause confusion. 4. Check whether the RAM space of the LCD module corresponds to the address of the software. Each type of LCD has a corresponding relationship. 2. Fuzzy screens will appear during the use of terminal customers: 1. Power on and reset to see if the LCD is working properly. If it works, it means that the LCD itself is not broken. 2. Whether the interface between the module and the muc is stable, whether the structure is aging for a long time, and the terminal is oxidized. 3. Whether there is a strong EDS signal in the host, especially if there are too many AC components in the power supply, and the connection line is long. 4. Whether there is high temperature and cold in the environment in use, again, in addition to the LCD module, the crystal error of the MCU and the anti-interference situation of other components should be considered. The door dog, the LCD module itself is a passive component, only accepts the signal sent by the MCU, and the good signal will be displayed normally, and the production signal may not be displayed or the screen may be garbled. As long as the customer achieves these two points, the mobile LCDscreen screen phenomenon can basically be completely solved.
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