Analyst: This year’s new 6.1-inch LCD screen iPhone will support dual-SIM

by:Kimeery     2021-05-29

News on April 19 According to foreign media reports, Guo Mingchi released a new document revealing more details for this year’s new iPhone. He said that this year's new 6.1-inch LCD screen iPhone will support dual cards, and the price will be as low as US$550, which is about RMB 3,450.

Guo Mingchi said that this year’s new 6.1-inch LCD screen iPhone may have two versions, the standard version supports single card, and the high-profile version supports dual card dual standby. In terms of price, the single card version is 550 to 650 US dollars (approximately RMB 3450 to 4080), and the dual card version is 650 to 750 US dollars (4080 to 4800 yuan). Guo Mingchi said that the single-card version may help increase Apple's market share in China.

In addition, according to previous reports by Bloomberg, the 6.5-inch LCD for Samsung iPhone X Plus will also support dual-sim dual-standby. However, in the report released yesterday, Guo Mingchi stated that the 5.8-inch version will not support dual-sim.

Summing up the previous Guo Mingchi and Bloomberg news, Apple will launch three models in 2018, namely the updated version of the 5.8-inch iPhone X, the new 6.1-inch LCD screen iPhone and a 6.5-inch LCD for Samsung iPhone X Plus.

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