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anti-scratch monochrome lcd monitor with high resolution

by:Kimeery     2020-04-15
Earlier, from 1960 to 1980, monochrome CRT displays were the most popular in people\'s computing applications.
However, the technology has changed gradually and effectively, so the monochrome CRT is replaced by a monochrome LCD display.
In addition, these monitors are known as upgraded versions of monochrome CRT monitors with some advanced features and improved image quality.
In addition, the screen with LCD (
LCD display)
Or a flat panel display with an optical-modulated liquid crystal feature displays an image of a color change.
These monitors use only two colors, one for viewing background images and the other for displaying foreground images.
These displays are ideal for many medical applications to check heartbeat or pulse rate and imaging in diagnosis.
It also helps to improve the accuracy of the diagnosis and provides work efficiency for doctors.
In addition, these are also used in PACs, DR, CR, DSA, RF, MR, CT, micro-digital Consultation Center, clinical observation and breast X-ray examination to help doctors obtain accurate diagnostic results.
In order to provide a diagnostic workflow in an effective way, the display is designed with an immediate wake-up of brightness (BIA)Technology.
In addition, the screen is equipped with a full screen brightness ecology (SLE)
A system that provides high brightness throughout the screen.
In addition to this, the unique monochrome LCD display comes with a top-of-the-line graphics card that provides high-precision image reproduction and a metal frame that controls heat dispersion.
This monitor features a patented smart touch technology with better reading comfort and reduced eye fatigue.
Including an ins-
Protection systems, these are high resolution designs for customers.
Also, you can buy these screens with counter
Provide high quality products at competitive prices.
Double with seamless
The display has the image display function, which ensures the consistency of the contrast of medical images.
Anti-AR shield designed
The display features easy to clean, scratch-proof screen, durability, accuracy, and high efficiency.
The monochrome display has different screen sizes and functions according to the user\'s requirements.
In addition, the input signal interface of the display is DVD, and the other components and screens are equipped with gray scale.
The display has amazing JS-
To increase the perception of small contrast and low contrast details, the curve.
You can also use these types of LCD displays for multiple
Channel application for pre-loading multiple curves.
In addition, compared to the CRT screen with a flat-screen display, the display produces clean and clear images for better results.
It provides customers with highly advanced image processing functions.
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