Apple confirms abandoning LCD screens, corresponding industries may face rapid decline

by:Kimeery     2021-05-26

According to foreign media reports, Apple plans to no longer use LCD liquid crystal material as the screen from next year, which means that perhaps we will never see new iPhone products using LCD screen material after 2020. Will the LCD industry face rapid decline?

iPhone X first began to use OLED screens. The full-screen design is refreshing. Although Apple is not the first brand to eat crabs, the role of iPhone in promoting OLED screens is still not to be underestimated.

Although the iPhone XR released in 2018 still uses an LCD screen, it is only a choice for entry-level models, and the high-end iPhone is no longer an OLED screen.

Apple has played a demonstrative role. Since 2018, almost all new Android phones have adopted OLED screens. On the one hand, consumers have begun to accept OLED screens.

On the one hand, it is also because of the desire to achieve a full screen, while greatly reducing the frame and reducing the width of the phone's chin, only OLED screens with flexible characteristics can be used. Although the LCD screen can also realize the design of the notch screen, there is still a gap between the effect and the OLED screen.

It seems that the mobile phone industry is abandoning LCD screens, so will the LCD industry face a sharp decline?

At present, the mainland of China has become a master of the LCD industry, the scale of the industry has expanded rapidly, and the output has reached the world's largest. On the contrary, Japan and South Korea are actively developing OLED screens.

This approach is a strategic choice, but it is not that Japan and South Korea are willing to hand over the LCD market. It is true that China’s scale advantage is too great. In the LCD field, South Korea, Japan and other regions have no In order to gain competitiveness, they can only bet on new technologies.

The reason why the price of LCD TV products in China is so low is really because China now has a large-scale LCD industry, which leads to low panel prices. Otherwise, relying on the purchase of panels, the price will never be what it is today .

And the LCD industry is the foundation of the OLED industry. It is unimaginable to jump directly to the OLED industry without the LCD industry. In fact, companies such as BOE have made considerable progress in the development and supply of OLED screens.

In the short term, the gradual transition of the mobile phone industry to OLED screens will only stimulate Chinese companies to make more efforts in the OLED field. In the future, they will gradually have their own right to speak in the new technology market.

In the long run, OLED screens cannot fully replace LCD screens. The price and stability advantages of LCD screens are obvious. At the same time, LCD screen technology combined with quantum dots, Mini LED and other technologies can also be upgraded All these mean that the LCD market will not decline rapidly.

In fact, the market for LCD panels is very rich, ranging from mobile phones to TVs. In the future, the Internet of Things market needs to be displayed.

It is impossible for all of these markets to apply OLED screens. The demand brought by such a rich market is also huge. Therefore, the LCD industry will not decline rapidly, and it has a long life cycle.

Of course, this trend will not have no impact on the industry. Some small panel companies, or some panel companies with insufficient technological innovation, will be more sad in the next few years, gradually closing down or even being merged. .

The LCD industry will become the model of several giants. The LCD market is controlled by them, and they are also actively expanding the LCD for Samsung market. This will be the norm.

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