Apple's 6.1-inch LCD version of the iPhone will be mass-produced, LED manufacturers on both sides of the strait prepare for battle

by:Kimeery     2021-05-27

Apple has launched three new iPhones in 2018, and the most optimistic 6.1-inch LCD version of the iPhone is estimated to account for more than 50% of the sales of the new machine, although it has recently been reported that the mass production of the 6.1-inch iPhone may be delayed. , But the supply chain industry revealed that after entering trial production in July, it will enter the peak of single-month mass production from October. Due to the breakthrough of the technical bottleneck of LED backlight specifications, the LCD version is equipped with a full-screen iPhone design, which is inseparable from the display effect of OLED mobile phones. Xuanzhen, the LCD camp will strive to win back one city in 2018, and open new opportunities for the LED industry on both sides of the strait.

The LED backlight of Apple’s new 6.1-inch iPhone is still exclusively supplied by LED manufacturer Nichia. In order to meet the design needs of major customers, Nichia has launched a new 0.3t LED specification, which is the current mainstream 0.4t The specification evolution version can meet the design challenge of ultra-narrow bezels of mobile phone brands. Compared with the original LED-backlit mobile phone with a bezel distance of 4.0~4.5mm at the bottom of the screen, Nichia’s 0.3t LED will reduce the narrow bezel of the screen to 2.0~2.5. mm, almost comparable to the full-screen design of the LCD for Samsung panel.

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