Apple's new machine orders OLED to 70 million, LCD cuts to 30 million

by:Kimeery     2021-05-26

According to Korean media reports, among Apple’s orders to suppliers, the number of new display screens in 2018 is: 45 million 6.5-inch new iPhone OLED displays, and 25 million new 5.84-inch iPhone OLED displays. , The total LCD for Samsung display order volume is 70 million pieces; and the order volume for the new 6.1-inch iPhone LCD display will be reduced to 30 million pieces.

According to previous media reports, in order to attract Android users, Apple will vigorously promote its LCD version of the new iPhone, that is, the 6.1-inch new iPhone. Among them, the LCD display is supplied by JDI and LGD together. The total order in the annual cycle exceeds 100 million pieces, which is the number of the two new iPhone models of the OLED version.

Some Apple engineers also said that at present, there is not enough evidence to prove that consumers can distinguish the experience difference between LCD and OLED, but the cost of LCD for Samsung display is much higher than LCD display.

However, the news from the supply chain said that because Apple has re-added an external touch screen in the new LCD version of the iPhone to solve the problem of the increase in resolution, the difference between display and touch The problem of insufficient air ratio also paved the way for the later promotion of Apple's stylus. However, in the actual first small-batch trial production process, it is very likely that Apple’s design has a compatibility problem, and the trial production yield of the LCD display touch module is zero.

Affected by this, foreign analysts believe that the launch of the new LCD version of the iPhone in 2018 will be postponed to November, and the order for the new 6.1-inch iPhone LCD display will be reduced this time. Due to the delay in mass production, in order to ensure the entire shipment quantity, the number of orders for the new 6.5-inch iPhone OLED display had to be increased from the original 25 million to 45 million.

Apple’s annual new machine orders have become the vane of the future product direction of the entire mobile phone industry chain, especially for peripheral accessory companies parasitic on Apple’s mobile phone products, such as fuselage protective shell companies. Therefore, a large number of research institutions in the industry conduct a large number of researches on Apple's supply chain companies in order to predict the future development direction and profitability of the industry.

Currently, with the limited production capacity of flexible OLED in the display industry, the change in orders for Apple’s new LCD version of the iPhone and the delay in launching will not only directly affect the companies producing Apple’s iPhone LCD displays, JDI and LGD At the same time, the company’s operating performance will also have a greater negative impact on peripheral supporting companies that used to engage in Apple’s LCD display iPhone.

The layout of LGD and JDI on OLED mobile phone screens has obviously slowed down, or almost stagnated. If Apple further shrinks its orders for LCD displays and eventually adopts OLED displays, LGD and JDI may completely lose its iPhone display orders.

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