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Application of cooling fan in automobile

by:Kimeery     2020-03-16
It is mainly used for engine heat dissipation and coolant heat dissipation to ensure that the engine does not malfunction due to high temperature. The automobile engine must be properly cooled in a high temperature working environment to keep it working at a suitable temperature in order to meet the requirements of good engine performance, durability and exhaust emissions. The engine cooling system plays a key role here. Mainly includes cooling fan, water tank, thermostat and other components. Car radiator fan type: steel radiator. In this kind of radiator, according to its material and performance, we divide it into two types: plate type and column type, however, when purchasing such radiators in practice, attention should also be paid to safety. After all, if they are used on cars, there will be great safety risks if the quality of the products is poor, it poses a great threat to cars and people. Iron radiator and aluminum radiator. In the past few years, these two radiators were widely used, but because of their performance, there are still many drawbacks, and the advantages are not as obvious as steel radiators, now it has been replaced by steel radiators, and it is difficult to see these two radiators in the market.
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