Application of LED backlight in LCD

by:Kimeery     2021-08-27
The application of LED backlight on LCD screens In the introduction to the LCD structure in 'Introduction to the Basic Structure and Display Principle of LCD ScreensIn the current flat panel display (FED) devices, LCD display devices occupy the mainstream status, and most of the existing LCD devices are transmissive. For these transmissive LCD devices, the backlight is an indispensable part of them. In LCD backlights, although cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) currently dominate, LEDs have the advantages of wide color gamut, adjustable white point, high dimming rate and long life, so they have recently been developed as a new type of LCD backlight Source, well has been used in some desktop LCD monitors and LCD TVs. LED backlight for LCD (hereinafter referred to as LED backlight) is a new type of backlight technology with many types, but it has not been widely used in LCD devices because there are still technical or cost issues to be resolved. For some more practical LED backlight sources, this article will introduce them in the following paragraphs. The static lighting LCD backlight improves the light efficiency, thereby increasing the ratio of the screen output light to the light source output light is an important way to improve the LCD backlight. Static lighting LCD backlight is one of them. The main principle is that each sub-pixel of the LCD is illuminated only by its corresponding color element, thereby eliminating the need for color filters and improving light efficiency. In an LCD with a static lighting backlight, a microlens array is installed under the pixel layer, and each pixel corresponds to a microlens. The backlight source lighting system used here is the three primary colors looking directly at the backlight source, and the light source of each color is imaged on the corresponding sub-pixel, and the well is projected on the display screen via a projection lens. In order to obtain sufficient brightness on the display screen and improve the uniformity of the display: In this LCD device, a light refraction element and a total internal reflector (TIR) u200bu200bwedge-shaped light guide plate are used, and the light guide plate has a suitable refraction layer. The static lighting backlight usually uses three CCFLs, red, green and blue. The recently developed static backlight LCD uses LEDs as its backlight source. Statically illuminated LCD backlight characteristics In an LCD device with a static backlight, the light distribution angle output by the TIR wedge-shaped light pipe is 70°-90°. The use of this kind of backlight eliminates the light loss caused by the color filter layer (the color filter layer is omitted), and the transmittance of the device reaches three times that of the traditional LCD. At the same time, this backlight can simplify the structure of the device and reduce power consumption. In order to further reduce the light loss of the light source and improve the light distribution angle to eliminate the environmental pollution caused by the use of mercury, the replacement of CCFL with LED as the backlight source of the device has become the development trend of static lighting LCD backlight. At present, the LED static lighting backlight has been successfully adopted in the 33cm diagonal XGA-level resolution LCD device. Because the power consumption of this device is greatly reduced, it is very suitable for high-brightness applications. Feedback LED backlights use red, green and blue LEDs as LCD backlights to obtain excellent color quality, reduce power consumption, and avoid environmental pollution caused by mercury. It is necessary to control the color temperature of white light to achieve a sufficiently long life.
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