Application of TFT-LCD

by:Kimeery     2021-09-04
At present, most notebook computer manufacturers use TFT-LCD in their products. Early TFT-LCDs were mainly used in the manufacture of notebook computers. Although TFT had great advantages over DSTN at that time, due to technical reasons, TFT-mobile phone LCD still had a big gap with traditional CRT displays in response time, brightness, and viewing angle. In addition, the extremely low yield has led to its high price, making the desktop TFT-LCD an unattainable stunner. However, with the continuous development of technology, the continuous improvement of the yield rate, and the emergence of some new technologies, TFT-LCD has made great progress in response time, contrast, brightness, and viewing angle, bringing it closer to the traditional The gap of CRT monitors. Nowadays, the response time of most mainstream LCD monitors has been improved to below 50ms, which has paved the way for LCD to become mainstream. The LCD application market should be said to have huge potential. But in terms of LCD panel production capacity, the world's LCDs are mainly concentrated in the three main production bases in Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Asia is the center of LCD panel Ru0026D and manufacturing, while the development of Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea is different.
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