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arduino flappy bird game using tft lcd by push button tutorial

by:Kimeery     2020-03-12
Description: 3.
5 \"display module with ease of adaptability and library flexibility has long been a reliable basis for bidding colors. 16-
Color TFT screen and 3. 5 \"in size.
It works as a touch screen to integrate the capacitive sensor, which allows us to control it by touching it directly with our fingers, with a resolution of 480 × 320 pixels, and its size is relatively high.
Use the ILI9481 driver.
Features: Screen size: 3.
5 \"Pixel: 480x320Color code: 262KDisplay size: 51mm x 77.
5 mmTouch: YesConnection: Arduino Mega Shield (Best value/due to size)
SD card support. . .
128GB 16 mb Chipset: ILI9481 (R61581, CTE32HR)
Viewing angle: WideControl: free supply voltage for personal or UTFT: 3.
Backlight supported by 3V and 5 VUTFT: permanent, internal control dimensions (mm): 97.
5*64mm * 15mm (shield)
In this tutorial, we only use simple hardware that does not require the use of breadboards and any other components.
No wiring required.
All you need is: * Please download UFTFConnect your arduino and 3.
Arduino tft touch screen module and two (2)
Start button and reset button.
Make sure all pins are installed in their ports.
* You can follow the instructions below if the display is mirrored: Document> Arduino> Library> UFTF> tft _ drivers> ili9481 (for 3. 5\'\' TFT )>edit initlcd.
H and change _ write _ com (0x3A); LCD_Write_DATA(0x55);
After uploading completely, you can start playing the favorite flappy bird game. Enjoy!
Enjoy watching the tutorial!
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