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audeze lcd-3 and audeze lcd-x review: the champion sound

by:Kimeery     2020-03-31
Budget buyer note: you have entered the premium area.
Today, let\'s look back at what is widely regarded as the best headset in the world. the Audeze LCD-3 and LCD-X. At Rs.
1,34, 900 and Rs.
1,19, 900, the price of these headphones is respectively higher than your average motorcycle, only suitable for those rare buyers who have money to burn, they insist on only buying the best things in life.
While the two pairs of headphones look similar, there is a key difference between them --
Except for the obvious Rs.
Price gap of 15,000. The LCD-3 is a high-
Impedance headphones that require external amplification, while LCD-
The impedance of X is low enough that even portable source devices such as smartphones and media players can be comfortably driven.
Both use flat magnetic drives, which are well known for their highfidelity sound.
Let\'s see if these headphones fit the so-called \"best headphones in the world\" label.
Specifications, design and comfort of Audeze LCD3 is an over-ear open-
Back-to-back flat magnetic headphones with woodfinish casing.
Large magnets in the case cause the LCD-
Weigh 543 grams.
Frequency response range from 5-20,000Hz (
Extended to 50,000Hz)
, The sensitivity is measured at 102dB, and the impedance is a significant 110 Ohm.
Both cables included are 2.
5 m in length, insert headphones with dual mini headphonesXLR plugs.
The other end of the cable is 6. 35mm and 4-
Pin XLR, respectively. A 6. 35mm-to-3.
5mm adapter is also included. The LCD-
The size, shape and specifications of X are similar.
There are, however, several significant differences;
This is heavier than the LCD-
3 due to the use of metal in the housing, the impedance is lower at 20 ohms at 612g.
This means LCD-
X can be powered by portable devices and does not necessarily require amplification.
Still, Audeze recommends the use of an external amplifier, but there is an option to use it without an external amplifier, which makes it more flexible.
Both headphones come with huge hard loads
In the case, the whole package is not less than you expected from products that cost more than Rs. 1,00,000. The open-
The back-to-back structure of the housing means that these headphones are leaking everywhere.
Anyone sitting within ten
Even at a volume of 60%, your foot radius can hear what you are listening to, and it can be said that the LCD series is best used at home.
LCD though-
X can be carried with you no matter where you go, the size and the leaking sound will make you the center of a lot of things (unwanted)attention. The Audeze LCD-3 and LCD-
X is designed to look retro and elegant.
The exposed screws, the heavy use of leather and metal, and the patterned outer grille all left the impression that these headphones belonged to the past.
The LCD looks beautiful-3 and LCD-
With a true sense of beauty and high-end.
Both headphones come with a large case and thick leather padding. While the LCD-
3 Wood, LCD in case-
X uses metal.
The fit itself is comfortable because the ear cup is completely wrapped around your ears.
The weight of the headset is a problem, and it can become difficult to wear for a long time.
Since you may only use these headphones for comfortable listening training at home, this may not be a serious problem.
The cables and plugs are standard and have no real design elements.
Both headphones have a straight flat cable with a simple Y shapesplitters.
This does fit the features, vintage look and feel of the headset, although we do feel that the cable looks too common for this caliber product.
There is no doubt, however, that the quality of the building is certainly solid.
We tested the Audeze LCD-3 and LCD-
X uses a wide range of equipment.
Dealers in Audeze, India lend us an Audeze Deckard DAC and headphone amp that we connect to a Windows laptop.
We also used our reference Fiio X1 and Android smartphones with LCD
X tests its performance without a dedicated amplification.
The key tracks are \"Heer of nucleus ya\", \"Lonely times of Loneliness\" and \"You Shook My World by Michael Jackson\".
We started with Heer and went straight through portable devices.
While both of our devices can drive headphones comfortably, there are real weaknesses in the performance of high-performance headsetsimpedance LCD-3. The LCD-
In contrast, X sounds more elegant and plump.
Sound is really defined, weight and exciting.
It has a bang in all the right places, and the amount of shine is just right, more detailed than we \'ve heard before.
It\'s a beautiful sound and there\'s a proper amount of everything.
Next, we entered the era of loneliness, and this time, the headphones were connected to the Deckard amp.
This brings the absolute best settings and highlights the original quality of the mid-range frequency.
The Mids are so accurate and balanced that the highs and lows are also shining.
Every bit of bass and treble has subtleties and feelings.
End the flickering, and all this is supported by excellent mid-tier processing.
LCD-similar sound quality3 and LCD-
X, but resistance difference means LCD-
X can become louder.
More expensive, more powerful LCD-
3 due to its better handling of amplification, a slightly detailed and calculated sound is generated. The LCD-
3 is also a more capable performer at high volume, although the LCD-
In this department, X is not lazy at all.
Unfortunately, the more you sound, the more the sound leaks.
At the highest volume, Audeze headphones are as good as small speakers.
Finally, we listened to You Rock My World.
From sound staging to imaging, from gentle attack of bass to capable mid-tone and treble, from open and airy nature --
From clarity and detail, Audeze is hardly wrong with the sound provided.
The recording is natural, neutral and true.
It also means it brutally exposes the poor.
High quality recording, just need the best audio input.
Verdict experts around the world refer to the Audeze LCD series as \"the best headphones in the world\" and we must agree.
The Audeze LCD is beautifully built in, with uncompromising sound quality and is absolutely enjoyable3 and LCD-
X is the headset you should aspire to have.
Speakers that offer insight, detail, and sound pleasure will cost more than double that amount, so enthusiasts help themselves by using these pots.
The two options are still an expensive package by any standard, although the LCD-
It\'s easy to drive X even with a smartphone, you \'d better use good amplification and source devices, which will cost a lot of extra money.
But if the price is not a bar, it\'s the pinnacle of personal audio. The Audeze LCD-3 and LCD-
X is the best headphones that money can buy and can now be bought through the headphone area. in. Price (MRP): Audeze LCD-3: Rs. 1,34,900; Audeze LCD-X: Rs.
900 agreed rating (Out of 5)
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