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Backlight and brightness enhancement film

by:Kimeery     2021-09-01
Now that the backlight requirements are getting thinner and thinner, some parts need to be added with a metal frame (METAL FRAME). The main structure of the backlight module is to provide a uniform and high-brightness light source for the mobile LCDscreen panel. The basic principle is to transform a common point or line light source into a high-brightness and uniform brightness surface light source product through a simple and effective light mechanism. The general structure is to use the linear light source of the cold cathode tube to enter the light guide plate through the reflector, transform the linear light source into a uniform surface light source, and then use the light homogenization effect of the diffuser and the light collection effect of the prism film to improve the brightness and uniformity of the light source. Homogeneity. After the brightness enhancement sheet light is emitted from the diffuser, the directivity of the light is poor. Therefore, the prism sheet must be used to correct the direction of the light. Increase the use efficiency of the light beam after being emitted from the diffuser, and increase the volatility of the overall backlight module by more than 60%-100%. Polyester or polycarbonate is mainly used as the material, and its surface structure is generally a prismatic column or semi-cylinder. At present, the multinational company 3M is the world's exclusive supplier and has a number of related patents. Usually a backlight module uses two brightness enhancement films, which are perpendicular to each other to concentrate the light and increase the brightness.
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