Backlight generation and display

by:Kimeery     2021-08-25
We know that the LCD is equipped with lamps (one, two or four) around, let’s see how this part is completed It is easy to assemble the finished product with a correct process. The finished product in the following steps is assembled with an iron frame. The thickness is very small. If it is a laptop LCD panel, the weight, power consumption and thickness are very high. The next step is to perform the aging test. The aging test instrument shows a 'bathtub curveFor the automated storage system in the aging test area, the automation of the storage system is mainly for efficiency considerations. In addition, the liquid crystal panel is very thin and will be broken by accident. Therefore, the use of automatic equipment can improve the yield rate. Although artificial components account for the majority of finished product assembly, the aging test is mainly mechanical equipment and staff monitoring. The liquid crystal panel is placed in the aging furnace and has to be manually inspected regularly. After the panel is manually inspected in the aging furnace, the process does not end, and the final product still needs to be inspected by human eyes. The specific detection method is also relatively simple. Use a set of signal generators to directly drive the LCD screen to display images. For example, the dead pixels use a variety of solid colors, which workers can see. There are more than 20 sets of screens. Through a 15x magnifying glass, the particles of the three primary colors of RGB will appear very thick inside, which is quite similar to the picture close to the TV. At the end of the detection, temperature and humidity testing is also required, and then there is a pressure and impact resistance test.
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