Backlight type three major structure hollow type structure

by:Kimeery     2021-09-04
Nowadays, the size of image requirements is getting larger and larger, and the development direction of mobile phone LCD is also developing in the direction of larger size. This kind of super large mobile phone LCD is now commonly used as a monitor and wall-mounted TV. It not only requires a large screen , High brightness and light weight, and electrical appliances are also required to achieve low thermal effect under high power. The hollow structure backlight modules developed over the years generally use hot cathode tubes as their light source. This kind of medium uses air as the structure of the light source. When the light source is downward, after the direction is adjusted and reflected by the reflector and rhombohedral lens, part of it passes upward through the light guide plate to shoot on the surface, and the other part It will enter the hollow cavity again due to total reflection until it exits through the light guide plate after being refracted and reflected. Some upward light sources can directly enter the light guide plate and be emitted, or may be emitted after a series of refracting and reflection effects: the shape of the light guide plate is a wedge Type structure, its purpose is to seek a uniform effect.
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