Basic knowledge of LED color digital tube

by:Kimeery     2021-08-26
As a display device, in addition to the liquid crystal display, there is a display device with a longer history-LED color digital tube. The first thing we need to understand is the working principle of the LED color digital tube. Simply put, each content that can be displayed separately is composed of one or several LED lights. The LED lights in the content we want to display Just bright, this is similar to a segment LCD screen. In terms of market applications, LED color digital tubes can be divided into two categories: one is general-purpose digital tubes and the other is customized digital tubes. First of all, let’s take a look at the universal digital tube. As the name suggests, the universal digital tube is more common in the market. The most commonly used ones are the 7-segment eight-digit digital tube and the 8-segment 8-digit digital tube. The 7-segment 8-digit digital tube is a single one. The pen-segment type is 8, and the eight-segment 8-digit digital tube has one more decimal place. 8-character digital tubes can usually be used as a combination of multiple 8-characters, usually at most 6 8-characters. Customized digital tube is designed and customized according to the display content and size of the customer's needs. This is our company's strong point. It is very cost-effective and has a good market evaluation. It is a trusted manufacturer of a few LED color digital tubes. LED color digital tubes are divided into common anode and common cathode from the driving mode. The simple understanding is whether all LED lights are positive or negative. The choice should be made according to the customer's driving mode at the initial stage of the design. In terms of production technology, there are two types, one is the patch type digital tube and the bonded sealing type digital tube. The advantages and disadvantages of these two types of digital tubes will be introduced in detail in a subsequent article.
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