Basic structure and working principle of TN liquid crystal display device

by:Kimeery     2021-08-25
The upper and lower two pieces of glass with transparent electrodes are sealed by the surrounding plastic frame to form a box with a thickness of several microns. TN type liquid crystal material is injected into the cell. In the cell processed by a specific process, the rod-shaped molecules of the TN-type liquid crystal are arranged in parallel between the upper and lower electrodes, and the molecules on the upper electrode are arranged parallel to the paper surface, which is represented by 'one'; the molecules on the lower electrode are perpendicular to the paper surface. Arrangement, indicated by '.'. The molecules between the upper and lower electrodes are gradually twisted. The change in the length of the 'one' line segment indicates the change in the twist angle. The incident light passes through the upper polarizer (polarizer) whose polarization direction is the same as the alignment direction of the liquid crystal molecules on the upper electrode surface to form polarized light. This light is twisted by 900 as it passes through the liquid crystal layer. When reaching the lower polarizer (analyzer), the polarization direction does not change, and the polarized light passes through the lower polarizer and is reflected by the reflector behind the lower polarizer. The box is translucent, so we can see the reflector. When a certain voltage is applied between the upper and lower electrodes, the liquid crystal molecules at the electrode positions are transformed into a vertical arrangement with the upper and lower glass surfaces under the action of the electric field, and the liquid crystal layer loses its optical activity at this time. The polarized light passes through the liquid crystal layer without changing its direction, which is 900 different from the polarization direction of the lower polarizer, the light is absorbed, and no light is reflected back, and the reflector is not visible. Black appears at the electrode area. From this, it can be seen that different electrodes can be made according to needs to realize different content display. The flat LCD screenhas a transparent background. After voltage is applied to the electrodes, it displays black characters, symbols or graphics. This kind of display is called positive display. If the lower polarizer in the figure is turned into the same polarization direction as the upper polarizer, the opposite is true. The background is usually black, and the displayed characters are transparent after applying voltage. This kind of display is called negative display. The latter is suitable for color display devices with backlights. It can be seen that one of the most prominent characteristics of the liquid crystal display is that it does not emit light, and uses electricity to control the reflection (or transmission) of the light from the environment on the display part to realize the display. Therefore, in all display devices, its power consumption is the smallest, less than one microwatt per square centimeter. It is matched with low-power CMOS circuits and is most suitable for various portable pocket instruments, microcomputers, etc. as terminal displays. .
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