Better than LCD eye protection? Samsung announces exclusive AMOLED screen for 5G mobile phones: Blu-ray is 70% lower

by:Kimeery     2021-05-27

Market research company IDC predicts that the share of 5G mobile phones in the global smartphone market will increase from 14% this year to 50% in 2024, that is, from 190 million to 750 million.

Based on this trend, Samsung Display claims to carry out product development iterations to improve the luminous efficiency of organic materials, thereby launching new OLEDs that reduce blue light and power consumption.

On February 27th, Samsung Display officially announced that its newly optimized OLED display for 5G smartphones will reduce the blue light ratio to a record 6.5%, while continuing to reduce power consumption.

According to Samsung official, the world-renowned certification and inspection company SGS (Swiss General Notary) awarded the display 'eye protection' certification. Data shows that the proportion of LCD for Samsung blue light launched this time is 6.5%. The product continued to drop by 1% on the basis of 7.5%, and it dropped by 70% compared with ordinary LCD products.

According to public information, we call the light that the human eye can see as visible light, and its wavelength range is 380nm-780nm. , The visible light with a wavelength range of 400nm-500nm is called blue light. Blue light has the highest sensitivity to the retina and the strongest penetrating power. In theory, blue light may cause damage to some eye tissues.

Moreover, blue light has been proven to affect the body's circadian rhythm. Too much blue light from mobile phones and other electronic products in the middle of the night will destroy people's ability to fall asleep. But it is undeniable that although people associate blue light with computers and mobile phones, the biggest source of blue light is the sun.

At the same time, Samsung said that the world-renowned safety certification company UL (Underwriters Laboratories) has calculated the power consumption of the display when playing photos, broadcasts and Internet content. The data shows that its average power consumption is 1.3 watts, which is about 15% lower than the previous product. Based on this, UL awarded the new OLED 'energy saving' certification.

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