BOE has become the world's largest LCD market in terms of shipments in 2018

by:Kimeery     2021-06-03

On April 10th, the ultra-short throw VR glasses 3Glasses X1 was released, using BOE's 2.1-inch short throw screen standard module. During the press conference, BOE's VR display solution technology expert Zou Bin revealed that BOE became the world's number one shipment in 2018 in the main LCD market segment.

Zou Bin cited data from IHS Markit that in 2018, among the major global LCD market segments, BOE’s share in the smartphone field was 23%, and that in the tablet field was 36% , The notebook computer field share is 29%, the display field share is 24%, and the TV field share is 19%, both of which are the world's first. In the field of VR headsets, JD's share is about 80%, and it undoubtedly occupies the first place.

According to reports, in the Fast-LCD product line for the VR field, BOE has shipped a large number of products such as 3.5-inch single-lens 1.5K resolution and 5.5-inch single-lens QHD resolution. Products have been sent to customers for testing, and future products are moving towards higher resolution.

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