BOE intends to customize LCD industry application products for Unilumin Technology

by:Kimeery     2021-06-03

Unilumin Technology issued an announcement on the evening of December 2 stating that on December 1, the company signed a 'strategic cooperation agreement' with BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., intending to customize LCD industry application products for the company and provide the company with an urban landscape , Sports, medical, education, smart conference and other fields to provide solutions.

Judging from the announcement, the cooperation between the two parties includes: 1. The two parties intend to conduct joint development and innovation in the field of display device-related products, and integrate their superior technologies and product line advantages; 2. BOE intends to customize LCD for the company Industry application products, providing solutions for the company in the areas of urban landscape, sports, medical care, education, smart conferences, etc.; 3. Both parties intend to establish a display joint co-creation office, and strive to achieve a full range of real-time product development, solutions, and marketing. Docking, bringing together the superior resources of both parties, and joint innovation.

Unilumin Technology stated that the signing of this 'strategic cooperation agreement' will help the company establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with BOE. By leveraging their respective technological and business advantages in LCD and LED application fields, they will bring together the core competitiveness of both parties in the traditional and new display business fields to achieve a win-win cooperation.

The signing of this agreement will further help Unilumin Technology to enhance its technical strength and expand its business market, which is of great significance to deepening the company’s industrial layout and implementing the medium and long-term development strategic plan. (

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