BOE launched LCD multi-screen large-screen display products

by:Kimeery     2021-06-03

Recently, the international standard for LCD multi-screen display terminals led by BOE was approved and issued by the 100th Technical Committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC TC100), becoming an international standard in the global multi-screen display field.

What exactly does the international standard for LCD multi-screen display terminals include?

The international standard of BOE LCD multi-screen display terminal includes two parts: conceptual model and test method.

The conceptual model provides a unified standard for the top-level design of the basic structure, components, application scenarios and application modes of spliced u200bu200bdisplay products, which greatly improves the standardization of the form and core functions of spliced u200bu200bdisplay products.

The test method authoritatively defines the necessary test conditions, physical and optical splicing test, display terminal splicing error test, and optical display performance test.

Currently, more than a quarter of the display screens in the world come from BOE.

In the field of commercial display, BOE has launched a 0.88mm spliced u200bu200bdisplay product. Through its unique ADS technology, it can achieve 178° ultra-wide viewing angle and higher brightness and contrast, providing users with Come to the high-definition smooth large-screen visual experience.

BOE 98-inch 4K smart display terminal and ultra-narrow border splicing screen used by Beijing landmark China Zun are used in special display fields such as security and surveillance Plays an important role.

In the office building of Beijing City Sub-center and Xiong'an Citizen Service Center, the heart-shaped splicing screen composed of 74 screens of BOE can realize centralized processing of multiple signal sources and real-time synchronization Update the display screen to display various government information vividly and clearly.

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