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BOE's 10.5-generation TFT-LCD production line achieves full production

by:Kimeery     2021-05-30

According to the People’s Daily, recently, BOE’s 10.5-generation TFT-LCD production line in Hefei has achieved full production, with a monthly input of 1.2 million glass substrates, ranking first in global shipments in the 65-inch and 75-inch markets.

Thanks to the drive of BOE, at present, Hefei’s new display industry base has gathered 80 enterprises, covering all production links such as panels, substrates, polarizers, and display light sources. In 2018, the output value of enterprises above designated size was 88.8 billion. yuan.

In 2015, BOE independently invested in the construction of the 10.5 generation line in Hefei, Anhui. The 10.5 generation line is the world's highest generation line and the first in the world, with a design capacity of 120,000 glass substrates per month. According to BOE, from a technical point of view, the BOE 10.5 generation line surpasses any previous LCD panel production line in terms of product design and development, process assurance, and technical control difficulty. On December 20, 2017, the 10.5th generation TFT-LCD production line of BOE Hefei was put into production ahead of schedule.

In terms of LCD for Samsung, BOE has layouts in many places. In August this year, BOE released a semi-annual report that BOE LCD for Samsung has also achieved new breakthroughs. In the first half of the year, Chengdu's sixth-generation flexible AMOLED production line shipped over 1,000 pieces, an increase of over 300% over last year, and the yield level reached a new high, reaching a relatively high level in the industry; Mianyang's sixth-generation flexible AMOLED production line has achieved mass production and shipment; The construction of the 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line in Chongqing is progressing as planned.

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