BOE surpasses LGD as LCD leader, China accounts for nearly 50% of global production capacity

by:Kimeery     2021-05-29

BOE has squeezed out the LGD of South Korea, which has dominated the industry in the past, and has become the global leader in liquid crystal panels (LCD), and BOE, Huaxing Optoelectronics and other land-based panel manufacturers have nearly 50% of the global production capacity.

This means that the key components of LCD, an electronic product, will be dominated by mainland China in the future. As various electronic products are equipped with more and more display applications in the future, mainland panel manufacturers have the absolute right to speak in related fields. .

According to the latest data released by the market research agency Omdia, BOE ranked the first with 27.3% of global LCD panel shipments in April this year, and Innolux, LG Display and AUO respectively accounted for 16.4%. , 15.4% and 14.8% ranked second to fourth; another major panel manufacturer in China, Huaxing Optoelectronics, and South Korea's Samsung Display ranked fifth and sixth with 5.8% and 5%.

Omdia analyzes that with the fourth quarter of 2019, panel makers in South Korea and Taiwan have significantly reduced their capacity utilization, or shut down some of their production capacity, which will further increase shipments of mainland manufacturers.

In terms of the shipment area, the mainland is even more in the leading position. BOE and China Star Optoelectronics accounted for 20.4% and 14.4% of the shipment area respectively, taking the top two large-size shipment areas of global panel manufacturers. CLP Panda, Huike and Rainbow Optoelectronics and other emerging mainland panel makers ranked seventh, eighth and ninth respectively, and the power of mainland panel makers continued to rise.

According to statistics from HIS Markit, another market survey agency, the new production capacity of panel makers in mainland China continues to increase. BOE's shipment area share reached 18% in 2019, surpassing LG Display (17%) for the first time, and jumped For the annual global panel leader.

In addition, in 2015, the overall production capacity of mainland China's panel factories accounted for about 23%. In 2019, it doubled to 46%, becoming the world's largest panel production area. Compared with South Korea and Taiwan, China each share about 20%. Above, by 2023, the mainland's production capacity share will exceed 60%. The global panel industry's big pie, the rise of manufacturers in mainland China has undergone great changes, changing the original ecology and share.

In the face of the global reshuffle of the panel industry, South Korea’s two major indicator manufacturers LG Display and Samsung, as well as Taiwan’s panel manufacturers AUO and Innolux have all changed their production and sales strategies. Among them, South Korea Manufacturers focus on new-generation technologies with higher technological content. While AUO and Innolux have broken through with new products such as MiniLED, they have also rushed into high-margin applications such as medical and automotive applications to avoid direct bargaining competition with land plants.

LG plans to release the world's first rollable LCD for Samsung TV, and it was originally scheduled to release a new model in the third quarter of this year. In view of the spread of the epidemic, it is considered to postpone the launch after the fourth quarter to further expand the high-end TV market.

On the other hand, high-end displays have successively introduced Mini LED backlight solutions. The more advanced Micro LED technology will have more stringent die size positioning than Mini LEDs, and the manufacturing process and mass production will be more difficult. AUO and Innolux have adopted different strategies when deploying Mini LEDs to meet new business opportunities.

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