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Brief introduction of LCD liquid crystal screen friction equipment

by:Kimeery     2023-03-24
Brief introduction of LCD liquid crystal screen friction equipment LCD mobile LCD screen screen friction, in the production of TN type mobile phone LCD screen, it is also common to manually feed the friction machine. On the stage, start the transmission device and rub it. After the friction is completed, the operator will remove it and replace it with another piece for friction. LCD liquid crystal screen rubbing, in the SIN type LCD screen production line, the rubbing equipment is fully automated, the substrate to be processed is input by the conveyor belt, the substrate is vacuum adsorbed on the turntable, and the turntable or roller is turned left and right (or front and back) while rotating the roller Move to rub. The rubbed substrates are sent out again on the conveyor belt. The important issues in the development of friction equipment are: easier setting of friction conditions, easy operation of friction condition management and replacement of consumable parts, constant friction with set conditions regardless of the size of the substrate, etc. mobile phone LCD screen rubbing equipment: Before 2000, domestic LCD factories basically used foreign equipment. After 2010, LCD rubbing equipment was gradually localized, among which Shufeng's equipment is more famous.

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