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Car radiator fan fault judgment troubleshooting

by:Kimeery     2020-03-20
Fault 1. The cooling fan does not turn during the exercise of the car? Reason: 1; The engine water temperature does not meet the starting conditions of the cooling fan and the temperature is low. 2; The engine diagnostic instrument can be used to test the function of the cooling fan. If the cooling fan can rotate normally, the line is normal. Check the thermostat. Fault 2. Car cooling fan does not turn air conditioning does not cool. Reason. First check the electronic fan temperature control switch, the switch is no problem to check the failure of the electronic fan itself, the electronic fan can operate normally to dissipate heat to the air conditioning evaporator to cool the air conditioning system. Fault 3. The reason why the high-grade cooling fan of the automobile engine does not turn is that the high temperature of the engine is mainly caused by the failure of the electronic fan to start, and the water temperature will be normal after the electronic fan is eliminated. If the electronic fan does not work, first check whether the connector is in poor contact, check the power supply and grounding of the electronic fan, check whether the fan is stuck, check whether the fan motor is burnt, etc. These factors will cause the electronic fan to fail to start, it is recommended that vehicles go to the 4S store for maintenance in time and drive on the road after troubleshooting. Fault 4, air conditioning cooling fan sound. The reason is to see if the fan has a grinding casing, check whether the fan page is deformed, and whether the bearing is damaged, and whether the fan has foreign matter entering. Fault 5, the heat dissipation fan frequently starts after flameout, cooling the engine. After the ordinary car is turned off, the cooling system also stops working, often causing the temperature to rise after the engine is turned off, causing damage. Therefore, the current high-end car has an automatic cooling function. The power supply of the radiator is directly connected to the battery. After the flameout, the temperature of the engine is still very hot, so the cooling fan still works for a while, stop after the temperature is cooled to avoid spontaneous combustion of the car caused by high temperature.
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