Characteristics of LCD liquid crystal

by:Kimeery     2021-08-28
Liquid crystal is a partially ordered substance composed of molecules that do not have spherical symmetry, such as rod-shaped molecules and disc-shaped molecules. It is different from isotropic liquids in which the molecular arrangement is completely chaotic, and it is also different from crystals in which the molecular arrangement is completely ordered. This molecular arrangement between crystals and liquids and the special shapes and properties of the molecules themselves have caused liquid crystals to exhibit the characteristics of liquids and crystals, even far more complex characteristics than them. On the one hand, the liquid crystal has fluid flow characteristics; on the other hand, the liquid crystal exhibits the inherent spatial anisotropy of the crystal, including the spatial anisotropy of the dielectric, magnetic polarization, and optical refractive index. The orderly arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules also allows the liquid crystal to have a shear stress similar to crystals that can withstand this order. That is, the liquid crystal has a shear elastic modulus. In practical applications, the fluidity of the liquid crystal, the anisotropy of the dielectric and optical properties, and the elasticity of the liquid crystal are all extremely important. They can control the parameters of the LCD screenperformance.
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