China's first float glass 8.5-generation TFT-LCD glass substrate project is about to start production

by:Kimeery     2021-06-07

On the afternoon of January 13, Trisun Technology Group Co., Ltd. held an engineering oath meeting in Bengbu Zhongguang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., which fully blew the key to the ignition and production of China’s first float glass 8.5-generation TFT-LCD glass substrate demonstration line Sprint horn.

Peng Shou, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Trisun Technology Group and Chairman of Bengbu Zhongguang Optoelectronics, said that the 8.5-generation project has achieved achievements since the start of construction All the builders rolled up their sleeves to do it, and all the builders sweat it out. At present, the Central Economic Work Conference has just ended, and the curtain of 2019 has just been opened. At this critical moment, it is very meaningful and inspiring to hold a meeting.

As everyone knows, in recent years, Trisun Technology Group's information display glass industry has developed rapidly, creating multiple 'firsts' in the history of China's glass industry development, but high-generation TFT-LCD glass substrates are still a constraint The country attaches great importance to the key technology of the 'stuck neck' in the development of the national electronic information display industry. It has been included in the national '13th Five-Year' scientific and technological key special project to support it, and this historical task is handed over to Trisun. All participants They must be proud of solving the major needs of the country’s strategic emerging industries. They must always have a high sense of responsibility, a glorious sense of mission, and in accordance with the requirements of the group company, ensure quality and quantity, and start production on schedule, in order to protect the national electronic information display industry. Make its due contribution to the safety of the country.

About the project

The construction site of the project is located on the east side of Lilou Road, the north side of Shiwu Road, the south side of Guxing Road, and the west side of Longshan Road, Longzihu District, Bengbu City. Mainly construct two 8.5-generation ultra-thin float TFT-LCD glass substrate production lines. The total investment of the project is 5 billion yuan, and the source of funds is self-raised. The project was completed in two phases. The first phase has a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan to build a glass substrate production line with a designed annual production capacity of 1.5 million glass substrates and an average annual profit and tax of 600 million yuan. In 2019, another 2.5 billion yuan will be invested to build a second production line.

This project adopts the world-class 8.5-generation TFT-LCD float glass substrate production technology independently developed by Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute, with completely independent intellectual property rights, and is a key special support project of the country’s 13th Five-Year Plan. It is the core project of Bengbu Silicon-based Industrial Base. The products are mainly used in various flat-panel display fields such as TV computers, PAD, intelligent transportation, and smart cities.

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