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China's LCD production soars, global LCD TV prices are avalanche

by:Kimeery     2021-06-03

China has become a distribution center for LCD panels, and its products have been increasing rapidly. In the first half of 2019, the shipments of large-size LCD panels from mainland Chinese companies accounted for 45.8% of the global total, ranking first in the industry. At the same time, the rapid expansion of China's LCD panel production capacity has also led to continuous declines in global LCD panel prices, causing industry losses.

China’s LCD TV prices continue to fall. China’s LCD TV prices continue to fall.

Among them, Japan’s LCD panel industry is the worst. South Korea is generally betting on LCD for Samsung panels or Micro LED display technology, and although Japan also has technological advantages, the entire industry faces the dilemma that it is difficult to find the next home and the upstream capital chain is problematic. In addition to Sony’s main focus on high-end LCD TVs in Japan, Japanese brands have also laid down their positions to compete for the low-priced market, but this cannot compete with brands such as Xiaomi, not to mention China’s other brands such as Hisense, Changhong and TCL.

On the upstream side, Japan continues to close LCD panel production plants, and the overall prospects are not promising. As for JDI and other companies, although the three companies are combined, the resources are not rich, and the cooperation with Apple is also intermittent. Now Apple is focusing more on Samsung and China’s BOE and other companies. Japan can obtain more and more resources. Small.

The shipments of large-size LCD panels of Chinese mainland companies have accounted for 45.8% of the global total. The shipments of large-size LCD panels of mainland Chinese companies have accounted for 45.8% of the global total.

In the foreseeable future, Japan’s LCD industry, including high-end LCD for Samsung displays, will encounter difficulties. Although Canon TOKKI maintains an advantage on the production side, it has lost ground on the product side. Japan used to be the birthplace of liquid crystals, and it is also the birthplace of liquid crystal commercialization. Now it is really speechless to encounter such problems.

New technology brings huge risks. New technology brings huge risks.

Now the global LCD TV prices are losing money, and the price of 32-inch LCD TVs is even only 599 yuan. Profit margins have actually caused Chinese brands to complain. In the end, where the global LCD panel industry will go, the outlook is still unclear. Although China squeezed Japan into tears, China itself is also facing the problem of excessive production.

Source: Sina Technology

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