China's LCD screen is No. 1 in the world, but the core technology is lacking, only a panel assembly plant

by:Kimeery     2021-06-07

Speaking of LCD screens in China, everyone knows that it is already the world's number one. According to the latest data, China's total LCD screen market share in 2020 has exceeded 50%, which is truly dominating the world.

From the perspective of specific manufacturers, BOE ranks first in the world, and TCL (China Star Optoelectronics) ranks third in the world, and is known as the duo of domestic panels.

Because of this, many people are complacent and feel that China's LCD technology is invincible and defeated Japanese and Korean manufacturers. But if I say that although China's LCD screen is the world's number one, but the core technology is lacking, it is only a panel assembly factory, what do you think?

In the LCD field, the entire industry chain can be divided into three categories: raw materials, production equipment, and screen manufacturing. After that, the panels are produced into end products, such as TVs, monitors, and so on.

Chinese screen manufacturers are mainly involved in screen manufacturing, which is the downstream of these three categories. Basically, they are in the state of 'processing with supplied materialsThe panel assembly is not excessive.

From the perspective of materials, whether it is the most important polarizers and color filters, or mixed liquid crystal materials, and screen glass, the domestic production rate is less than 30%. All of the above relies on imports, mainly Japan, South Korea and the United States and Germany monopolize the market.

There are also backlight modules, driver chips, etc. These domestic production rates are also very low, mainly relying on imports, and these are the core technologies of LCD screens.

From the perspective of production equipment, the production of LCD screens is similar to chip production. It also involves process, measurement, inspection and repair equipment, and the more advanced equipment is basically made by Japan and South Korea. As well as the production of Taiwanese enterprises, domestically-made equipment is still in its infancy.

So, domestic LCD screen manufacturers are actually in the downstream of the LCD screen industry chain, more like an assembly factory, buying materials, equipment, some drivers, modules, etc. , Assemble it into an LCD screen.

Of course, someone has to do the assembly work. In 2020, with the price increase of the panel, these domestic LCD screen manufacturers have also made money, such as BOE, TCL, Shenzhen Tianma, etc., and their net profit has increased by 50%. % Or more, but I hope that domestic screen manufacturers can develop more core technologies while growing and making money.

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