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COB LCD module iron frame design rules

by:Kimeery     2021-08-31
COB LCD module iron frame does not use zebra striped shell Gu003d2.5mm (including EL backlight); uses zebra striped shell with LED backlight Gu003d3.0mm. Modules connected by zebra strips will have pressure marks on the shell, otherwise they will not be added. Indentation length A>LCDP lead length. The center distance between the two indentations B u003d LCD screen chip width + LCD screen unilateral electrode length. Rib height>u003d0.3. Height: According to customer requirements. F≤30.0mm, E≤7.0mm. Two positioning posts should be added to the iron shell, which are specified as 0.8-1.0mm wide. The tolerance of the length and width of the inner cavity of the iron frame (L, W) u003d LCD (length, width) + 0.2mm (gap). The tolerance value is based on the LCD PITCH value. When 0.6 0.8, select +0.15/-0. The length and width of the entire iron frame (L, W) u003d LCD (length, width) L, W + [0.2mm (gap) + 2 times the material thickness]. The height above the PCB of the iron frame of the COB LCD module (that is, the height from the PCB to the top surface of the iron frame) ≥3.0mm (LCD monolithic thickness is 0.7mm), OR≥5.5mm (LCD monolithic thickness is 0.7mm, LED is Side light). And ensure that the gap between the LCD and the backlight is 0.5mm (MIN). When the iron frame is symmetrical in the center, the iron is called 1 (the design of the claws on both sides of the center is opposite). When the iron frame is a non-centrally symmetric structure (such as the position of the visible area), a structure to prevent the installation of the wrong direction should be appropriately added, and a unilateral or bilateral positioning column can be appropriately added. When it is a bilateral positioning column, the center positioning size of the positioning column should be Can't be the same. COB LCD module iron frame processing instructions: Surface treatment: electrophoresis black paint or according to user requirements. Shell thickness mark: generally adopt 0.6mm thickness or according to user requirements. Plate labeling: cold-pressed steel or according to user requirements. Hardness: HV5 105~HV5 126. COB LCD module iron frame tolerance requirements: the tolerance is generally ±0.1mm, the positioning dimension tolerance is ±0.05mm, the indentation protrusion tolerance is ±0.05mm, but when the LCD electrode PITCH is large, P>0.5mm and the housing is opposite There is no influence on the LCD screen rainbow, and this dimensional tolerance may not be complied with. Remember to mark the fit tolerance when designing. For conductive rubber connection products, the coordination and alignment between LCD, FRAME, and PCB must be considered to facilitate production and assembly.
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