COG LCD FPC design regulations

by:Kimeery     2021-08-31
COG LCD screen FPC design has certain requirements. The shape of the FPC electrode should be the same as the shape of the electrode on the LCD (the height should be 0.1-0.2mm lower). The thickness of the FPC is usually 0.1mm for single panel, 0.2mm for double panel, and the thickness of the reinforcement. It is 0.3 plus or minus 0.05mm. In products with double layers or more, when frequent bending is required, the layered structure should be designed in the bending part, and tape should be added in appropriate places to avoid noise; where convenient bending is required, design The local area is a single-panel structure. In addition to the design rules of PCB board, the pad design when welding the connector on the COG LCD screen FPC should also pay attention to the following conditions: when a single positioning hole is used, the opening of the film is 0.4mm larger than the aperture, and the inner diameter of the pad is larger than that of the film. The opening is larger than 0.5mm. When designing the pad, try to increase the wiring between the pad and the outside to increase the strength. FPC bending corners are not allowed to turn right angles, but should be guided into arc-like corners. The upper and lower film edges of the hollow electrode are staggered by more than 0.1mm, PITCH0.8mm (Min), not too small, the smaller the yield, the lower the yield, and the four corner pads of the tailstock form element should be widened by 0.3mm. The limit thickness of each part of the COG LCD screen FPC length +1.0mm. The limit capacity is usually: the hole diameter is 0.1mm, the minimum hole edge distance: 0.1mm, when the hole diameter is greater than 1.6mm, the minimum hole edge distance is 0.15mm, the minimum distance from the hole edge to the line is 0.13mm, and the line width gap: 1/2oz0.1mm, 1oz 0.13mm. In the case of space permitting, in order to reduce cost and improve yield, the specifications of vias: outer diameter -0.6mm, inner diameter 0.3mm. If the PITCH of the LCD ITO end is less than 0.26mm, the expansion coefficient of the FPC should be considered when designing the COG LCD FPC. The general calculation method is as follows: FPC PITCHu003dLCD PITCH*0.9978. When the COG LCD screen FPC meets the needs of customers, try to use thicker materials to reduce costs.
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