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Common connection methods between IC and LCD

by:Kimeery     2021-09-03
SMT---English abbreviation of 'Surface mount technology'. Namely surface mounting technology, which is a more traditional installation method. Its disadvantage is its large size, which limits the miniaturization of LCM. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------COB---The abbreviation of 'Chip On Board' in English. That is, the chip is bonded on the PCB. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------TAB---The abbreviation of 'Tape Aotomated Bonding' in English. Namely anisotropic conductive adhesive connection method. The IC packaged as TCP (Tape Carrier Package) is fixed on the LCD and PCB with anisotropic conductive adhesive. This installation method can reduce the weight, volume, ease of installation, and better reliability of the LCM! -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------COG---The abbreviation of 'Chip On Glass' in English. That is, the chip is directly bonded to the glass. This installation method can greatly reduce the size of the entire iphone LCD module, and is easy to mass produce, and is suitable for LCDs used in consumer electronic products, such as portable electronic products such as mobile phones and PDAs. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------COF---The abbreviation of 'Chip On Film' in English. That is, the chip is directly mounted on the flexible PCB. This connection method has a high degree of integration, and peripheral components can be mounted on the flexible PCB together with the IC. This is an emerging technology.
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