Common daylighting technology for LCM

by:Kimeery     2021-08-20
The liquid crystal display device is a passive display device, which does not emit light by itself, and realizes display by modulating external light. External light is a prerequisite for the LCD screendevice to display. Therefore, in the assembly and use of the liquid crystal display, the lighting is cleverly solved to ensure and improve the quality of the liquid crystal display. Generally, the lighting technology of the LCD screenis divided into the natural light lighting technology and the external light source setting technology. In the external light source setting, there are three types of technologies: backlight, front light and projection light source. 1. The two major tasks of backlight lighting technology are: 1. Make the LCD screendevice can be used in an environment with or without external light; 2. Improve the brightness of the background light and improve the display effect. 2. Classification: The commonly used backlight sources are now classified as follows: LED backlight features long life,>100,000 hours; brightness adjustment is simple; it is a commonly used backlight method; there are four different layouts suitable for various modules Daylighting requirements; other layouts can be designed according to customers. Note: *'A' must be connected to +3.8V~+4.2V, not +5V directly, because when the voltage of the backlight board is>4.2V for a long time, it will overheat and affect the normal display. Connect after +5V step-down processing; some products have taken measures on the module, you can directly +5V, please consult TSINGTEK for details. EL-electroluminescence characteristics can provide high brightness and uniform backlight; the backlight plate is very thin, generally less than 1mm, so it has little effect on the thickness of the entire LCM; under normal driving conditions, the initial brightness is high, and its brightness half-life is 5,000 ∽8,000 hours; the standard color is blue-green, if you need other colors of EL backlight, please consult TSINGTEK; EL backlight needs a special inverter power supply, the input voltage is 5V, a brief description of the special inverter is attached below; You can consult TSINGTEK for the EL inverter suitable for your use. CCFL-cold cathode fluorescent lamp features high brightness and low power consumption; it is suitable for the backlight required for large-area display; the color reproduction is very good; the brightness can be adjusted; the average brightness half-time period is 20,000 hours; the corresponding inverter is required.
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