Common problems and solutions of eight-sided LCD screen

by:Kimeery     2021-08-25
We sometimes receive some customized octagonal LCD screens and some LED backlight products. Next, we will systematically analyze the wonderful problems of this category of products. What should we do when these problems occur? To solve such problems. One: First of all, in this type of product, when the LCD screen is lit, there will be a lack of pens during the display process. What is the reason for the lack of pens? Please see the following reasons 1. Bad LCD screen ( Liquid crystal material process problem, non-conductivity. Module negligence in the process of assembly and welding) 2. The LCD screen is a passive component (brightness and non-lighting are controlled by the program, and instructions are issued) 3. There is no external power supply to deliver voltage to the LCD screen (When the PIN pin is clamped, there is no alignment circuit line, and it is not conductive) When these problems occur, the solution we give is: first look at the truth table (logic table) of the drawing to see which PIN heels show The content is connected, and the external power supply is directly tested. If the display content is all lit and there is no missing pen segment, it means that the glass screen is a good product, otherwise it is a defective product. What needs to be noted is: the driver IC fluctuates and is sent to a certain overall pen segment of the digital tube , Rather than a single paragraph (a section). (If the voltage is high, the lights will die easily) Red, yellow, and green light voltages: 2V White and blue light voltages: 5V 2: Ghost image appears because the customer supply voltage is higher than the threshold voltage (the opening and closing voltage of the LCD screen) 3: The brightness of the LCD screen is dim or does not work directly because the customer supply voltage is lower than the valve stop voltage. When the above problems occur, there are two solutions: 1. The project needs to debug the valve stop voltage twice to match the customer supply voltage; 2. Find a glass supplier, change the liquid crystal material, adjust the working voltage and above are the common problems and solutions that occur in the eight-side line LCD screen
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