Comparison of liquid crystal display (LCD) with other different electronic display devices

by:Kimeery     2021-08-21
Liquid crystal display (LCD) is an important type of non-active light-emitting display device. Compared with other non-active light-emitting and active light-emitting electronic displays, there are many differences. This article mainly uses data to show several types from a professional perspective. Comparison data of the photoelectric performance of the display, species name LCD (PM type) LCD (AM type) ECDEPIDSPDPDP (AC type) PDP (DC type) ELDVFDLEDCRT category Non-active light-emitting type Active light-emitting type Working voltage/VAC 2-5DC0.5-3DC 50AC 5-10AC 90-150AC 180- 250AC 100-200DC 10-40DC 2-5DC 20k-30k Current consumption or power consumption (perc㎡) few microamps microamps>5mC10 microamps microamps microamps milliampers Milliampere milliampere milliampere milliampere tens of milliampere approximately 1 microampere Contrast ratio 10-2550-801510-2510-3020-5020-50405040100 Response time 30-200ms20-60ms500ms20-500ms100-300ms2-202-20501011 Brightness non-active light-emitting type The brightness index is related to other components, no data analysis is performed 70-22070-22070-200180-3k170-1.6k140-500 Display color black and white multicolor-full color blue, red, purple, other colors, single color, blue, other colors, red and orange, to Full color red orange multicolor to full color red orange multicolor to full color yellow orange, green, red, blue green, red, orange, green, blue red, orange, green, blue black and white, multicolor to full color storage function Generally not, generally not, with or without, with or without, without without, working life is long, long, long, long, long, long. About the difference between lcd and led, the comparison between lcd LCD screen and led liquid crystal display. The Ru0026D personnel of Xingyuhe Electronic Technology have done a detailed analysis before, and you are welcome to correct me.
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