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Comparison of TN, STN, TFT principle, characteristics and application range

by:Kimeery     2021-08-25
The comparison of TN, STN and TFT liquid crystal displays is as follows: Type TNSTNTFT principle liquid crystal molecules twist 90° liquid crystal molecules twist 240°~270° liquid crystal molecules twist 90° or more characteristics black and white, monochrome, low-contrast black and white, color (260,000 colors), Low contrast ratio, better color than TN (16.67 million colors), higher contrast ratio, full color than ST. No Full-color animation display No. Narrow viewing angle (below 30°) narrow (below 40°) wide (below 80°) Panel size 1~3 inches 1~12 inches 12 inches and above Application range Electronic watches, calculators, simple handheld game consoles, mobile phone electronic dictionaries, mobile low-end notebook computers, mobile phones, notebook computers, LCD color displays, LCD color TVs 1. TN-type LCD screenhas low technical level and low price, and its application range is mostly small-size products below 3 inches. It can only display black and white monochrome and do some simple text and digital display. It is mainly used in electronic watches and calculations. Consumer electronic products such as game consoles and simple handheld game consoles. 2. Compared with TFT type, STN LCD screenhas simpler process, higher yield rate and relatively cheaper price. It is oriented towards products with strong contrast and faster response time for screen conversion, so it is mostly used in information processing equipment. If you add a color filter in front of the LCD panel, you can display a variety of colors, even full color. Such products are mostly used in the display of text, numbers and graphics functions, such as low-end laptops, palmtops, stock machines and personal digital assistants (PDAs) and other portable products. 3. TFT LCD screenis widely used in digital cameras, liquid crystal projectors, notebook computers, desktop liquid crystal displays because of its faster display response speed and suitable for animation and visual display. Because it is better than STN-type products in terms of color quality and response speed, it is also the mainstream product on the market at present. Comparison of various LCD products: TN drive mode: pure matrix drive with twisted nematic. Viewing angle: small (viewing angle + 30 degrees). Screen contrast: smallest (screen contrast at 20:1). Response speed: slowest (cannot display animation) Display Quality: Worst Color: Monochrome or Black Price: Cheapest Suitable Products: Digital Displays for Electronic Watches, Electronic Computers, Various Automobiles and Electrical Products STN Drive Mode: Super Twisted Nematic Driven by Simple Matrix Viewing Angle: Medium (Viewing angle +40 degrees) Picture contrast: Medium Response speed: Medium (150ms) Display quality: Medium Color: Monochrome and color Price: Medium Suitable products: Mobile phones, PDAs, electronic dictionaries, handheld computers, low-end displays TFT drive mode : Active matrix drive Viewing angle: large (viewing angle +70 degrees) Screen contrast: maximum (screen contrast at 150:1) Response speed: fastest (40ms) Display quality: best color: color Price: the most expensive (about 3 times STN ) Suitable products: notebook/palmtop computers, PC monitors, car navigation systems, rear-projection TV LCDs comply with a series of rules different from CRT displays. LCD overcomes the shortcomings of CRT's bulkiness, power consumption, and flicker, but it also brings problems such as high cost, low viewing angle, and unsatisfactory color display. CRT display can choose a series of resolutions, and can be adjusted according to the requirements of the screen, but the LCD screen only contains a fixed number of liquid crystal cells, can only use one resolution display on the full screen (each cell is a pixel). CRT usually has three electron guns, and the emitted electron streams must be accurately concentrated, otherwise a clear image display will not be obtained. But LCD does not have a focus problem, because each liquid crystal cell is individually switched. This is why the same picture is so clear on the LCD screen. The LCD does not need to care about the refresh rate and flicker. The liquid crystal cell is either on or off, so the image displayed at a low refresh rate of 40-60Hz will not flicker more than the image displayed at 75Hz. But on the other hand, the liquid crystal cell of the LCD screen is extremely prone to defects. For a 1024x768 screen, each pixel is composed of three units, which are responsible for the display of red, green, and blue, so a total of about 2.4 million units (1024x768x3u003d2359296) are required. It is difficult to guarantee that all these units are intact. Most likely, some of them have been short-circuited (“bright spots” appear), or disconnected (“black spots” appear). The LCD display contains some things that have not been used in CRT technology. The light source for the screen is the fluorescent tube coiled behind it. Sometimes, we will find unusually bright lines on a certain part of the screen. There may also be some indecent stripes, a special light or dark image will affect the adjacent display area. In addition, some fairly precise patterns (such as dither processed images) may appear unsightly moire or interference lines on the LCD screen. There is also the issue of viewing angle or'observation angle'. The reason why LCD has a viewing angle problem is that it uses a light transmission mechanism, which adjusts the light passing through the screen. The CRT is a light emitting system. For CRT, the special material (phosphor) behind the screen can actively emit light. In LCD, although light can penetrate the correct pixel, oblique light can also penetrate adjacent pixels, so when viewed from outside the normal viewing angle, you will find that the color is seriously distorted.
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