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Concentrated categories of display control panels and segment LCD modules

by:Kimeery     2021-08-22
The centralized category of the display control panel and the segment LCD module. The display control panel is also called the LCD module. The segment LCD module is a relatively simple LCD module in the LCM module category. , Because the cost performance is higher than that of dot-matrix liquid crystal modules and TFT modules, it is widely used in instrumentation, household appliances and other industries. Let me introduce the classification of the display control panel and the segment LCD module: 1. The display control panel mainly serves as the display function control panel, the segment LCD module displays the function module LCM, and the LCD module mainly It is a display module used with the main control board. It is mainly composed of a PCB circuit board, an LCD screen, a resistance container, and a liquid crystal drive chip (the bare chip uses the bonding process, and the SMT chip uses the SMT process). The module displays the current work of the machine and equipment Status, no control function. 2. The display control board and the broken code LCD screen respectively play the control function control board and module LCM. The LCD module LCM is mainly composed of PCB circuit board, LCD liquid crystal screen, resistance container parts, (the bare chip adopts bonding technology, paste The chip adopts SMT technology) and other electronic components. It is the central control board of this electrical equipment. Because there is a single-chip microcomputer that can control peripheral sensor relays, etc., this kind of LCM belongs to the main control board and control board in a strict sense.
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