Contrast and brightness of LCD module

by:Kimeery     2021-08-30
To put it simply, the LCD module is a display screen plus a backlight assembly. For example, the display component of an LCD TV is a liquid crystal module, and its low temperature is equivalent to a picture tube in a CRT. The other parts of the liquid crystal module include power supply circuits, signal processing circuits, etc., of course, as well as the housing. Next, Xingyuhe Electronics will give netizens a brief introduction to the contrast and brightness of the LCD module, and those who need it can refer to it! The contrast of the LCD module is the control IC, filter and filter used in the manufacture of LCD panels. The directional film and other accessories are related to the contrast of the panel. For general users, a contrast ratio of 350:1 is sufficient, but such a contrast level in the professional field cannot meet the needs of users. Relative to CRT monitors easily reach a contrast ratio of 500:1 or even higher. Only high-end liquid crystal displays can achieve this level. Since the contrast is difficult to accurately measure with the instrument, you have to look at it yourself when you pick it. Tip: Contrast is very important. It can be said that the selection of LCD is a more important indicator than bright spots. When you understand that your customers buy LCDs for entertainment and watching DVDs, you can emphasize that contrast is more important than no dead pixels. We When watching streaming media, the general source brightness is not large, but to see the contrast of light and dark in the character scene, the texture change from gray to black hair is shown by the level of contrast. ViewSonic's VG and VX have always emphasized the contrast VG910S has a contrast ratio of 1000:1. We tested this with a dual-head graphics card from Samsung at the time. The Samsung LCD is obviously better than that. If you are interested, you can try it. The 256-level grayscale in the test software In the test, you can see more small gray grids clearly when looking up, which means that the contrast is good! The brightness of the liquid crystal module is a substance between solid and liquid, which can not emit light by itself, and requires additional light sources. Just work. Therefore, the number of lamps is related to the brightness of the liquid crystal display. The earliest liquid crystal displays had only two upper and lower lamps. Up to now, the lowest of the popular type is four lamps, and the high-end one is six lamps. The four-lamp design is divided into three types of placement: one is that there is a lamp on each of the four sides, but the disadvantage is that there will be dark shadows in the middle. The solution is to arrange the four lamps from top to bottom. The last one is the 'U'-shaped placement, which is actually two tubes produced by two lamps in disguise. The six-lamp design actually uses three lamps. The manufacturer bends all three lamps into a 'U' shape, and then places them in parallel to achieve the effect of six lamps. Tip: Brightness is also a more important indicator. The brighter the LCD, the brighter the LCD, it will stand out from a row of LCD walls. The highlight technology we often see in CRT (ViewSonic is called highlight, Philips is called display Bright, BenQ called Rui Cai) is to increase the current of the shadow mask tube to bombard the phosphor to produce a brighter effect. This kind of technology is generally traded at the expense of image quality and the life of the display. All use this The products of this kind of technology are all bright in the default state, you always have to press a button to implement, press the 3X bright to play the game; press again to change to 5X bright to watch the video disc, he looks at it and it becomes blurred. To read the text, you have to return to the normal text mode. This design actually prevents you from frequently highlighting. The principle of LCD screen brightness is different from CRT. They are realized by the brightness of the backlight tube behind the panel. Therefore, the lamp needs to be designed more so that the light will be uniform. In the early days when we sold LCDs, we told others that the LCD was three, so it was very good. But at that time, Chi Mei CRV developed a six-lamp technology, which is actually The three tubes are bent into a 'U' shape, which becomes the so-called six tubes; this kind of six-tube design, plus the light-emitting tube itself is very strong, the panel is very bright, such a representative work in the ViewSonic VA712 As a representative; but all bright panels will have a fatal injury, the screen will leak light, this term is rarely mentioned by ordinary people, I personally think it is very important, light leakage refers to the black screen, the liquid crystal is not black, and It is whitish and gray. So a good LCD should not blindly emphasize brightness, but more emphasis on contrast. ViewSonic’s VP and VG series are products that don’t talk about brightness but contrast. Application of LCD modules: Mainly used for power measurement and control terminals, injection molding machine computers, numerical control systems, human-machine interfaces, medical instruments, biochemical analysis, textile machinery control, tax control machines, lottery machines, food testing, chromatographic analysis, electronic measurement, Environmental laboratory equipment, fire safety, automotive electronics and data acquisition and other fields. The contrast and brightness of the LCD module are the main parameters of the LCD module. Therefore, netizens must pay more attention to the above-mentioned related information shared by Xingyuhe Electronics when selecting the LCD module!
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