Corning introduces leading technology into Hefei Smart Classroom, installs large LCD screens in elementary schools

by:Kimeery     2021-06-01

Hefei, China — Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) today held the opening ceremony of the six large LCD screens it previously donated to the school at Xinghuayuan Elementary School, officially introducing leading education technology into elementary school classrooms .

'Innovation for better education' is a corporate social responsibility pilot project initiated by Corning Incorporated. The project received shares of BOE Technology Group, a leading semiconductor display company in the world. Co., Ltd. and Honghe Technology, a domestic education and audio-visual company specializing in the field of smart classroom technology. Hefei Education Bureau also provided great assistance to the implementation of the project.

The pilot project equips each classroom with a 75-inch LCD screen that can be used to access the Internet and cloud teaching network content. These large LCD screens are used as 'wisdom blackboards' with high-resolution visual images and touch screen interaction functions that traditional blackboards or projectors cannot provide.

Chen Zhishan, President of Corning Display Technology (China), said, “Education is the foundation for building a strong community. The introduction of large LCD screens into Hefei Xinghuayuan Primary School will bring a whole new life to students. The classroom experience has improved teaching efficiency and also increased student participation. Corning pays particular attention to Hefei’s education. This donation is part of our continued commitment to Anhui Province and Hefei City.'

During the year, Corning has made three major investments in Hefei.

Previously, Corning put into production the world's largest LCD glass substrate factory in Hefei, which is located adjacent to BOE's world's first 10.5th generation TFT-LCD production line. At the same time, the company also invested in an existing plant in Hefei for its automotive glass solutions business, and set up a new environmental technology business production facility for its gasoline particulate filter production line.

These three Corning factories are located in the New High-tech Industrial Development Zone of Hefei, Anhui Province.

Chen Zhishan also said, “We have always attached great importance to the introduction of local investment and talent. Since the establishment of the company in 1851, Corning has been committed to giving back to the community and ensuring that our employees live and work. Places bring vitality and culture. This pilot project of 'Innovation for Better Education' also fully reflects our continuation of the company's tradition in the 21st century.'

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