Didn't give up LCD completely! LGD is expanding new LCD touch screen business

by:Kimeery     2021-05-27

It was reported on August 6 that although LG Display (LGD) has completely abandoned its TV LCD production line, it is still actively exploring a more competitive LCD business. It is understood that LG Display recently started producing commercial touch LCD screens at its Guangzhou plant in China, ranging in size from 50 inches to 80 inches, in order to open up new market business.

LG calls it 'In TouchIt can achieve an excellent touch, while having a clear image quality and a thinner product appearance. At present, small-size touch screen panels have been widely used in smart phones, car displays, etc.

LG Display's Guangzhou plant began its formal operations last month. The plant mainly produces 48-inch to 77-inch LCD for Samsung panels and large-size touch screen LCD panels. It is reported that LG Display may be the only supplier in the commercial panel market that provides such a large-size touch LCD panel.

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