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Diffusion film of backlight module

by:Kimeery     2021-09-01
The materials required for the diffusion sheet: PC or PET base material, to ensure that the front side of the certificate is smooth, and the back side is rough. The method of making the diffusion sheet: First, evenly coat the diffusion layer on the PET substrate (the material of the diffusion layer is made of transparent resin Mixed light diffusion material), and then use PC as the base material, relying on the hot pressing of the roller to form the uneven rough surface. The method of distinguishing the diffuser: when the light passes through the PET material, the color will be slightly yellow; when the light is transparent When the PC material is used, the color will be slightly blue. The main function of the diffuser or diffuser is to provide a uniform surface light source for the mobile LCDscreen display. The traditional diffuser is generally mainly distributed in the substrate of the diffuser, and the scattering particles are When chemical particles are added to the base material, the existing particles of the diffuser will be dispersed between the resin layers. Therefore, when the light passes through the diffuser layer, it will continue to pass through two media with different refractive indexes, and the light will also There will be a lot of refraction, reflection and scattering effects at this time, which creates the desired effect of optical diffusion. Of course, holographic technology can also be used to record the corresponding parts of the ground glass through some chemical procedures such as exposure and development to roughen the surface of the diffusion film substrate, which is used to scatter and blur the ink dots or lines on the light guide plate. However, under such a light path structure, the nature of the material itself and the chemical particles will cause inevitable light absorption and scattered light scattering. For a fixed distance observer, some light intensity will be wasted. , So that the light source cannot be used effectively, and its chemical process is time-consuming, and the required cost is relatively high.
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