Digital display liquid crystal module of liquid crystal display module

by:Kimeery     2021-08-21
The digital display liquid crystal module is a functional component composed of a segment liquid crystal display device and a dedicated integrated circuit, which can only display numbers and some identification symbols. Segment LCD devices are mostly used in portable and pocket-sized devices. Due to the small size of some devices, the display part should not be designed as a separate component as much as possible. Even if a separate display component is required in some application fields, it should also have some information receiving, processing, and processing functions in addition to the display function. Functions such as storage and delivery are welcomed by the market because they have a certain general and specific function. The common digital display LCD screenmodules are as follows. 1. Counting module This is a counting display component assembled by seven-segment liquid crystal display devices with different digits and a decoding driver, or plus a counter. It has the functions of recording, processing and displaying numbers. At present, the main products that can be seen on the market in our country are the unit liquid crystal display device display module driven by the CD4055 decoder driver, as well as the ICM72ll, ICM7231, ICM7232, CDl4543, UPDl45001, HD44100 and other integrated circuits and the corresponding supporting liquid crystal display devices. 4-bit, 6-bit, 8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit, 16-bit counting module. When choosing this type of counting module, you must pay attention to the following points: 1. Find out the function: Although they are called 'counting modulesSome of their input ports are only in the form of BCD code interface, some are in the form of BCD code plus gate input interface, and some are directly connected to serial and parallel ports, etc., if you need to calculate or record one To string numbers, you must also configure the corresponding circuit. Of course, there are also products that match the counting circuit on the module. 2. Look for the structure: There are different installation methods and installation structures for liquid crystal display devices. For this reason, pay attention to its structural characteristics when selecting. Generally speaking, this kind of counting module is mostly made of zebra conductive rubber strips, plastic (or metal) press frames and PCB boards to assemble liquid crystal display devices and integrated circuits. The outer lead terminal has solder point type, pin type, and circuit board pin type. 3. Pay attention to the power supply: a device should use a unified power supply as much as possible. The common LCD device counting modules have single power supply type and dual power supply type, with different specifications such as 5V and 9V. 2. Metering module This is a module composed of a multi-segment liquid crystal display device and an integrated circuit chip with decoding, driving, counting, and A/D conversion functions. Since the integrated circuit used has an A/D conversion function, the input analog electrical signal can be converted into a digital value for display. We know that any physical quantity, even chemical quantity (such as pH, etc.) can be converted into analog electricity, so as long as it is equipped with a certain sensor, this module can realize any quantity and display, and it is very convenient to use. The integrated circuit models used by the metering module mainly include ICL7106, ICL7116, ICL7126, ICL7136, ICL7135, ICL7129, etc. The functions and characteristics of these integrated circuits determine the functions and characteristics of the metering module. As a metrological product, metrological appraisal must be carried out in accordance with regulations. Approved by the measurement department, a measurement certificate is affixed to the product. 3. Timing module The timing module uses the liquid crystal display device for the longest time history. Assembling a liquid crystal display device with a timing integrated circuit is a fully functional timer. Because it does not have the shell of a finished clock, it is called a timing module. Although the timing module has a wide range of uses, it is difficult to buy a general and standard timing module on the market. You can only buy or order a suitable watch movement from the electronic clock manufacturer. Although the timing module and the counting module are similar in appearance, But their display modes are different. The numbers displayed by the timing module are composed of two digits in groups of two. Each digit of the counting module is arranged continuously. Since many timing modules also have timing and control functions, this type of module can be widely installed on some power-up and equipment, such as radios, CD players, microwave ovens, rice cookers and other electrical appliances.
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